Eek. My dynamic website uses to view
that users profile and information. It is absolutely imperative that resolves to my ip of Everything was working and now NOTHING resolves not even, but i didnt touch a thing which is why im confused.
the only new thing i "did" was change my ISP. So i opened each .hosts file
and simply changed the ips only. heres my unixhideout.hosts file.

$ttl 38400        IN      SOA     labs. (
                        38400 )        IN      NS      labs.   IN      A   IN      RP admin      IN      HINFO   INTEL FreeBSD   IN      MX      10
*      IN      A        IN      A   IN      A   IN      A    IN      A   IN      A    IN      A  IN      A    IN      A        IN      A

My entire site is broken until this is fixed, and my freebsd mirror isnt
working so i really appreciate any help.

The problem? needs to point to my ip of how do i
tell bind that? The * seemed to work previously. Is there another way?
Please save my forehead from banging on this desk anymore and reply with
my hosts file how you would have it. and tell me how to tell bind to point
* to my ip! thanks guys.

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