I have FreeBSD-6.2 and I'm having trouble setting up apache, mysql and php for my business. I can't get phpinfo(); to display. If I run php -i, I get several pages of information which means php is working. Out of three different types of php, php-html isn't operating. My browser is where I do 100 percent of my work. Both PHP CLI and PHP CGI seem to work. If it can't display phpinfo();, it won't run my custom designed php software. I did successfully install it a few years ago with FreeBSD-4.8 and older versions of PHP. The install disk for FreeBSD-4.8 became defective and I had to re-order. They only had FreeBSD-6.2. This where the trouble starts.

The 'install file' from www.php.net says:

  In case of setting up the server and PHP on your own, you have two
  choices for the method of connecting PHP to the server. For many
  servers PHP has a direct module interface (also called SAPI). These
  servers include Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Netscape
  and iPlanet servers. Many other servers have support for ISAPI, the
  Microsoft module interface (OmniHTTPd for example).

Reading the above, I think my 'sapi module' wasn't installed.
Using the 'find program', I ran sapi, SAPI. isapi, nsapi, ISAPI and NSAPI. I received a responce for isapi, sapi and nsapi. 'sapi' was located at '/port/php-4.4/sapi'. Both isapi and nsapi are located under sapi. But 'sapi' was just a directory, I was expecting to find some sort of program.

For apache, mysql and php, I have all the files. When installing php, it automatically updates httpd.conf. I always double check to make sure. /usr/local/libexec/apache has about 35 modules including 'libphp4.so'. The main php file is located in /usr/local/bin/php. Using telnet, it confirms php is working.

I did several re-installs of FreeBSD and different combinations of apache, mysql and php. If I use FreeBSDs apache-1.3 and mysql-5.1 and php4 from www.php.net it will work, but only once. I tried to improve it, but couldn't. How many times can I reboot to make one order? This is version I'm working on.

- does the 'sapi module' have a different name, so I can find it with the 'find program'?
 - if the 'sapi module' is missing, how do I replace it?

uname -a: Freebsd localhost 6.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE #0: Friday Ost 5 15:08:51 UTC root@:/usr/src/sys/compile/HAP i386

Thanks in advance,

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