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When I need additional macro packages (one for creating nice
presentations would be nice indeed) I'll check with ctan.

Check out beamer once you've installed teTeX:


There are also some examples installed:


TeX/Latex has a several level of presentation classes.
Simplest is class of documents is slidetex then follows foiltex, prosper, beamer, ppower4 and powerdot.

I happen to think that powerdot is by far the best (you can play movies from slides, easily customized easy to use 40 pages manual vs 400 pages for beamer) . Slidetex and foiltex are really low level classes essentially allowing you to create simple slides in TeX. Prosper which is ported for FreeBSD is obsolete (because of powerdot) and baggy .
Beamer is ported for FreeBSD and OpenBSD. ppower4 is ported for OpenBSD.

The only reason people like beamer (the same goes for ppower4)
is that it lets you use pdflatex option while powerdot requires using dvi-->ps-->pdf. As I am old school this is completely irrelevant for me because that is what I am doing anyway. The quality of slides is whole level up with respect to Beamer. Unfortunately most people seems to disagree with my statement above and use beamer.

If you are using serious editor like emacs you can customize editor that it does that automatically for you.

I was thinking of porting powerdot my self as there is no dependency relation to TeXLive. Debian and many other distros of Linux have this package in something they call TeX extra I think (basic additional stuff for teTeX). TeXLive does include powerdot by default as every possible option for Latex but is usually modular and you would not install in that fashion anyway. The same goes for MiKTex 2.5
which is standard Windblows distribution of TeX, Latex.

I gave up after encountering problems with older fonts in ported version of teTeX and decided that it is better to wait for guys to port TeXLive than to waist the time trying to resolve dependency issues teTeX vs powerdot. In the mean time I use live DVD with TeX Live which is perfectly OK solution with me as I do not want 3.7Gb of all TeXLive junk (font for languages I have never heard or some exotic features) on my hard-drive anyway. It is also really made for Linux and hard-disk installation will do quite a few thinks that we do not allow in FreeBSD (like using /etc file for non system applications)

I hope  this  helps to clarify the issue with presentation classes.


P.S. As always best source of info for TeX related stuff is
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