Chip Wiegand wrote:
I am setting up a web server to be co-located at my isp's office. I am setting up openssh
> for my connectivity to it. I have run ssh-keygen on it and now have the files identity,
> and authorized_keys in the .ssh directory in my home directory. I have copied
> the file to my w2k box and renamed it to identity.ppk (because that's what the
> WinSCP program wants). Is this okay to do? Can I now disable telnet and any other inetd
> services that may be running? Any other suggestions?

Have you ever used ssh before?
I've used the system installed ssh/sshd for years and there's very little that needs set up
to make it work.
You're definately more secure using keygen to make public/private keys, but that's not even
necessary.  I've used it without generating keys with no problems.
Make sure /etc/rc.conf has sshd_enable="YES" so the daemon starts, and hook it to your local
network and test.  It's really not much harder to use than telnet, just much more secure.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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