Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> I was curious with the information coming out regarding FreeBSD 7 what
> option are available for virtualizing other OS's using FreeBSD as a host.

Extremely limited.

> I've been running several servers (Windows of various versions and a
> Linux system) as virtual machines under VMWare Server for Linux for
> about a year now.  I remember there were some problems with trying to
> get FreeBSD to run VMWare previously?

It's possible some early VMWare products (Like VMWare Workstation 3)
work on FreeBSD 7, but a) you can't buy that products any more and b)
you probably wouldn't want to use them even if you did.

The only approximately useful option is Qemu, but it's slow and may not
work on AMD64.

There's a donation box on for developers to get
VMWare Workstation working on FreeBSD but the status of the project is
unknown. There's also some indication someone is working on VirtualBox
but that's probably in very early stages (and besides that, VirtualBox
doesn't work reliably).

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