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: Dear Hackers,
: Please find attached patch that adds new option to the PPP.
: run-scripts-in-direct-mode
:       Default: Disabled. This allows to run chat scripts in
:       direct mode.
: did i miss anything? objections? comments? reviews?

Maybe it would be better to call this "force-scripts" or something
more general purpose so that one could force the use of scripts
anywhere.  Making direct mode have a special case override seems a
little too restrictive.  The heart of the patch would become:

-  if (dl->physical->type & (PHYS_DIRECT|PHYS_DEDICATED))
+  if (!Enabled(dl->bundle, OPT_FORCE_SCRIPTS) &&
+      (dl->physical->type & (PHYS_DIRECT|PHYS_DEDICATED))
     /* Ignore scripts */
     runscripts = 0;

with corresponding changes to the docs, defines, etc.


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