HI all.  Looking for a simple way to nuke unwanted incoming email.
Let me explain further.  What I'm having trouble with is I keep getting
virus infected emails from a "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" coming into my email.  That
makes for a total pain for me when I try to download it because Norton
kills the mail transfer as soon as it sees the virus thus causing me to
have to login, nuke the infected mail, logout, then download my mail like

        What I'm currently using is Fetchmail in combination with Sendmail
8.12 on my system.  Fetchmail goes out and grabs the mail off of my 3
primary email accounts, then dumps them into my user account on my box.
What I'd like to do is to have sendmail or fetchmail (either one is fine)
immediately nuke any mail that comes in from these addresses or domains so
that I never have to see it.

        Anyone know how to do this?  The simpler the solution, the better.

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