On 2003-02-03 16:56, Hal Lynch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am installing a freebsd/dos machine.
> How do I set booteasy up to boot both?
> freebsd is on ad0s1.
> dos is on     ad2s1.

They are on two separate disks.  Bearing in mind that at any single
moment, there is only one "boot sector" loaded in memory and running,
you'll find it easy to understand that you need a `loader' on both

> I installed dos first them freebsd.  Booteasy sees freebsd just fine
> but I can't figure out how to get dos into the boot menu.

You can install BootEasy on both ad0 and ad2 though.  Then, your ad0
menu will look like:

        F1  FreeBSD
        F5  Drive 2

Hitting F5 will load BootEasy from the second disk and you'll see:

        F1  DOS
        F5  Drive 1

> How do I configure booteasy?

To install BootEasy on both disks, boot FreeBSD and run as root:

        # boot0cfg -v -B /dev/ad0
        # boot0cfg -v -B /dev/ad2

- Giorgos

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