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On 11/1/07, Rob Hancock  wrote:
> I'm hoping some of you can help me out a bit with this...I'm trying
> to setup remote access of my laptop at work via SSH tunnels between a
> FreeBSD box at the office and my FreeBSD firewall at home.
> XP Laptop (work)  FreeBSD (work)  FreeBSD (home)  Mac (home)
> or Mac (remote)

I've done similar hoop-jumping before.  It's a mish-mash of local and
remote ssh tunnels.

In this case, I would do something like this...

XP Laptop initiates a remote tunnel to FreeBSD work...

ssh -R 5900:localhost:65900 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This will cause traffic on freebsd-work port 65900 to be directed to
your xp laptop on port 5900.

Then a remote tunnel from FreeBSD work to FreeBSD home.

ssh -R 65900:localhost:65900 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This will make freebsd-home listen for traffic on port 65900 and
direct that traffic to port 65900 on freebsd-work, which you've
already set up to direct that traffic to port 5900 on your xp laptop.

Then from your mac, initiate a local tunnel to FreeBSD home...

ssh -L 5900:localhost:65900 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This should direct the traffic to the already-waiting port 65900 on
freebsd-home machine.

Now, from the mac, you should be able to run your vnc viewer on
localhost and have your xp laptop come up.

Clunky, but once you've got the tunnels all connected right, it works
ok.  You don't have to use 65900 of course, I just like to use a
nonstandard port for the in-between servers.

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