> > seems like it :) just got report back from one of the testers.
> > he got connected to the internet over his T39m bluetooth enabled
> > cell phone. the cool thing is that you can make CSD, GPRS or HSCSD
> > calls. its just a matter of init string you send to the phone :)
> > still waiting on t68i and Nokia 7650 reports.
> What kind of security negotiation occurs between devices, or
> can I use anyone's cell phone, as long as we are in the same
> restaurant, and I get a table in the middle?  8-) 8-).

you can if person with the cell phone is stupid :) and
you do not have to get table in the middle. you have
to be within ~10 meters radius. you also can get access
to person's address book, calendar etc. as well :)

all authentication and encryption based around link keys.
one link key for each pair of devices. link key can be:

1) programmed into device itself (up to 16 keys)
2) can be requested from the user via HCI events
3) can be generated from the PIN code, PIN code 
   is requested from the user via HCI event.

normally what happens is:

1) device A tries to connect to device B
2) device B now looks for the link key that corresponds
   to device A's BDADDR. if found then key is used
3) if no link key found then both device A and
   device B locally generate Link_Key_Request event
4) both device A and B either get the keys from user 
   A and user B, or if there is still no link key
   user sends Link_Key_Negative_Reply command
5) if no link key was received then both devices
   locally generate PIN_Code_Request
6) now both user A and user B have to enter PIN
   codes. the link key will be calculated from the
   PIN code. if no PIN code exists then user sends
   PIN_Code_Negative_Reply command to the device.

this is implemented inside hcsecd.

the user has option to disable authentication and in this case
anyone can connect and no link key is required. also user can
prevent device from peforming inquiry scan, i.e. the device
will not respond to inquiry requests from other devices. user
also can prevent device from performing page scans, i.e. device
will not accept connections.


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