In the upgrade FAQ it says:

"Some users have reported problems with Yelp displaying an error
trying to view help files on FreeBSD 6.X. The problem does not appear
to exist on 7.X or 8.X, nor is it reliably reproducible. If you are
encountering this problem, please notify

I'm using FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p5.  Since upgrading to yelp-2.20.0, I
get "Page not found" each time I access the help system, but but all
of the content is there.  I just click on "OK" and proceed.  Only
gnucash, gnumeric, gcalctool, abiword, ggv, gconf-editor and their
dependencies are installed.  My desktop is XFCE.

Although it is claimed to be faster, I find the new yelp unbearably
slow, much slower than the previous version.  It is now completely
unusable for gnucash and gnumeric.  (I'm on a 733 Mhz P3.)
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