The thing you should be doing first is checking /usr/ports/UPDATING. Major things can change, and portupgrade may not be able to handle them without help.

Ah, i c. I am starting to make sense out of some of this from my fighting around on this.

The "-f" option to pkg_delete/pkg_deinstall will force it to do the action, even if there are dependencies. Sometimes it's the only way.

There's also the -o option to portupgrade.

As for a tutorial: first, check UPDATING. Then the command man page. If necessary, a web search.

I have done some web searching, but haven't found anything that has everything in one place (including the Handbook). Once I emerge from all of this, I might take a stab at writing up something for N00bs to help them learn some of the things that I have figured out the hard way

I can't remember what I did for this particular upgrade, but do remember deleting some of the older autoconf ports manually. I suspect you could delete all of them (and maybe some or all of the automake ports) and then just deinstall and install autotools. (Like pkg_delete -f, "make deinstall" in a port will ignore dependencies and just go ahead.)

After you do all that, you'll probably need to run pkgdb -F to fix or at least check dependencies.

Very helpful! Thanks!
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