At 9:15 PM +0700 1/16/02, Pavel Burovsky wrote:
Excuse me for, perhaps, plaqued question.

FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE (I obtained it from contains
the XFree86 server built on 5.0-CURRENT snapshot(anyway it so reported
by XFree86 server). Is it normal? FAQ says it's not.

I would pleased for every answer :)
It does sounds odd, but it isn't necessarily wrong.  Are you
seeing any problems with it?  If it was really built on a
5.0-system, then I would expect that it would not even start
to run on a 4.7-release system.

Also note that the computer you sent that message on seems to be
living in the wrong year.  The timestamp on your message says
January 16 2002, but we're now in 2003.

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