Hello everyone,

The reason I'm posting this question is because I am not entirely sure
how to approach this issue. 

    A little of my background: I am NOT completely newbie to the FreeBSD
system. I've used FreeBSD for some time, for about a year. Recently, I
upgraded my system to FreeBSD 5.0 by clean installation. Right now
everything is up to date. One reason, I want to have FreeBSD 5.0, is
because I wanted to test it , and by that do my contribution to the
FreeBSD community. 
    However, I encountered one problem, I don't know what to do when my
system completely freezes. I know at what moments but I don't know at
what level it's, i.e.. kernel level , device, X-server, window manager,
application. The only way out when my computer freezes by pressing reset
button. This also happens to friend's computer, the hardware
architecture is different, but same OS. My background is computer
science. I know C, and some assembly. 
    How to capture a problem , and debug it ? 

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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