Hi Bill,

Bill Moran wrote:
> Jim Xochellis wrote:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > I have a FreeBSD 4.2 (i386) box that I am using as a router and it is
> > mainly running routed, pppd, ipf-filter, ipnat and sshd. I wan't to
> > upgrade this machine to FreeBSD 4.7 for security reasons only. Is there
> > something really important that I should have in mind when doing this
> > upgrade. (Any major compatibility issue, or security issue, patches that
> > I should definitely add, etc...)
> Are you going to use cvs to update?  You probably want to update to RELENG_4_7
> to get all the latest security fixes for 4.7.  Also, read /usr/src/UPDATING
> carefully and follow the upgrading instructions in the hanbook to the letter.
> 4.2 -> 4.7 is a pretty long way to go, but I don't know of any reason you
> should fail at it.
> Make sure you make good backups before starting, however, you don't want to
> get burned if I'm wrong.

I have to apologize here for the unfortunate use of the term "upgrade".
What I really meant is that I will install a fresh FreeBSD 4.7 Release
from the CD and I need to know if I can use the same facilities I am
using now (same programs-deamons) and if I have to make *major* changes
to my configuration files. I dont mind installing the new FreeBSD while
my old router is still working, but having to deal with big surprises
when the new router is up and running is something that I am afraid of.


Jim Xochellis
Escape Information Services

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