Josh Carroll wrote:
configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables

I googled for awhile and found the suggestion to reinstall libtool, but
that also fails with the same error.

Can you paste the config.log from the port's work source directory
(where configure is located)?

Can you try the following and see if it compiles?

echo '#include <stdio.h>\nint main(void){ printf("hello world!\\n");
return 0;}\n' > t.c ; gcc t.c -o t; ./t; rm t.c

You should either see:

hello world!

Or some compiler errors/warnings/etc.

Just do...

# Exit.
echo 'int main() { return 1; } ' >src.c;
# Try to compile prog.
gcc -O0 src.c && ./a.out && echo $?;
# Toss executable, if it exists.
[ -e './a.out' ] && rm ./a.out

Either you'll get a compiler error, or it should print out 1.

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