Marc Fromm wrote:
I am new to the linux-type OS environment. For about a week now I have
tried to do a task which I first thought would be simple-install a
program like firefox.

I did "sudo pkg_add -r firefox" as explained in chapter 4 of the
handbook and received the message:

pkg_add: package 'firefox-,1' or its older version already

I then tried to uninstall firefox like this:

sudo pkg_delete -d -f firefox-,1

It appeard to uninstall.

I next did "sudo pkg_add -r firefox" again and it did this:


===> Building Chrome's registry...


SMB issues:

Network group, machine, and share browsing does not work correctly.


Only sftp access using public key authentication works. To easily

setup public key authentication to "remote_host":

ssh-keygen -t dsa

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh remote_host "cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys"

The SSH sever on remote_host must allow pub key authentication.

Firefox now does not work at all and if I rerun the pkg_add command it
states firefox- is still installed.

Isn't the latest

I tried to instructions at firefox and they did not work:

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FreeBSD is not a Linux type environment at all. It is a Unix type from which it was derived.

I don't recall if you have to "rehash" after uninstalling or not.  Did you?
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