> I've got 30 gigs free so far on both Raqs but that will shrink over 
> time. It would be plenty for now perhaps to set up a holding disk on. 
> But as it fills, it would be too small for a system wide backup. Can't 
> add another harddrive to the raqs. So there is that old Dell server 
> sitting there. It doesn't have an exterior scsi port for the tape drive. 
> I could add perhaps a big IDE hard drive to it (a big scsi drive is too 
> costly for this budget operation). Can Amanda, which I have installed 
> now on the raq with the tape, use a 'client' or that Dell for a holding 
> disk or does it make more sense to have the amanda server on the 
> computer with the holding disk? 

The entire point of having a holding disk is to quickly pull the data to the 
machine with a tape drive from all over the network and then write it from holding
disk to tape. The idea is that this way the tape drive can be kept streaming - 
it doesn't have to wait as data is pulled from each client. So, having a holding
disk on a machine other than the one with tape drive kind of defeats the purpose.

The holding disk is not mandatory. It helps the speed of backups if you have it,
but having a holding disk smaller than the amount of data to be backed up (or even
no holding disk at all) is perfectly legal.

> I did a quick seach of the archives about whether Amanda does 
> differential backups and didn't find much. Is it just incremental/full? 

Amanda can definitely do differential backups when using dump as a backup program.
I'm not sure about tar since I don't use it.
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