John Smith wrote:

I was wondering if it was possible to determine for what version of
FreeBSD a binary was compiled, purely by examining the binary?

As a suggestion, use the 'ldd' command to see what version of the libc is linked in with the binary. You didn['t mention if the binary was linked shared or not (if it's statically linked, well, you're out of luck with this particular method). Depending on how it's linked, you might even have probnlems using ldd, I think, then you'd have to use the objdump utility, along with grep, like this:

objdump -x <whateverfile> | grep NEEDED | grep libc

and get the version of libc from there. It's the version of libc that you're after with all this song and dance. I've been gone from FreeBSD for a longish while (more than about 2 years) so I couldn't give you exact libc version versus date info, but if you post that to this list, most likely someone would have that right to hand.

Any and all help and suggestions are greatly appreciated,


john Smith
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