Some time ago I chose FreeBSD over all other *nix systems because I found the system better managed, easier to administrate, better supported and simpler to update and upgrade both the OS and the programs - especially through portupgrade.
Several times I have encountered glitches in the update process; some I managed to figure out what the problem was, some other I just had to wait until the port was corrected then re-cvsup and portupgrade. This, on 2 similar FBSD v.4.7 installations.

Currently I have encountered problems with updating KDE3 (because kdegames3 had some sort of problem - I don't have time for the games anyway, but this messes up the update - and the audio/arts program also had problems) and Openoffice 1.02.
Open office seems to be a particular case as it requires 4Gb of space for installation on *nix! I cannot think of another program that seems to be so bloated for installation. Is there an insurmountable problem here? I did find a port for FBSD to install the Ooo v.1.0.1 but now to update - whammo! It seems to me that it is rare that one needs the huge capacity disks that seem so current - I have 1 10gb and 1 34Gb raid array, but they are used for different OS's and for storage. It is impractical to have to re-organize your entire system just for 1 program. :((

If the port is faulty and is uploaded to the port site, then the downloaded port sits in the machine and then you have to figure out what went wrong.
What is annoying is the enormous time it take to reinstall stuff like KDE3 and Open office only to find that the installation has failed and sometimes the old installarion is screwed up... Fortunately, I have not committed to using FBSD and the *nix program exclusively as, so far, I have found that there are still nasty kinks in the gears that take away too much time from creative productivity for maintenance

Can someone explain the best way to deal with the updating process? How to minimize updating problems?
Thanks in advance,

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