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I'd like to know what is the diference between 7.0 and 6.3 and why create a
newest version and after old version.
6.X is the last of versions meant primarilly for single processing
machines (with some after thought payed to multiprocessing).

7.X is the beginning of the versions specifically designed with
multiprocessing/cores in mind

Will you please stop spouting nonsense?


WTF? Dude... 7-CURRENT has several improvements to MP systems, but it's not meant to be the 'first non-SP designed OS'. Please, get your facts straight..

There are several other improvements coming with 7-CURRENT though, mainly dealing with Mac support, some security auditing (I believe), and other SoC / important developer project work, as well as improved hardware support for some items like SATA and HD audio I believe. And yes, there's the big [ULE] scheduler / giant lock removal improvement which helps MP systems scale better with 7-CURRENT.

But that doesn't mean that the 4BSD scheduler doesn't do MP systems well. It just sucks at it compared to ULE =P.

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