Garrett Cooper wrote:
Adam J Richardson wrote:
Garrett Cooper wrote:
You should be fine now (pending any bugs found in the beta/release process), because 7-CURRENT's source has been essentially frozen since August I believe..

Hi Garrett,

It should be ok to upgrade straight from 6.3-PRE to 7.0-PRE, right? I just need to change my src-supfile from RELENG_6 to RELENG_7 and build/install world/kernel as normal, right?

I /need/ that wpi driver... :)

Adam J Richardson
I would consult archives (as of late) the list for the exact steps necessary to upgrade from 6.x to 7-PRE. It's a fairly painless process if done correctly, but it will take a while to complete, depending on what all you have installed on your laptop ports wise.
   Best of luck,

Thanks. I'll check the archives.

Adam J Richardson
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