On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 10:03:11AM -0500, Dan Delaney wrote:
> Hello all. I have a few questions about BIND on FreeBSD.
> 1) Since BIND 8 comes in the base installation of FreeBSD (4.8 and 5), 
> why is there a BIND 8 port in the ports collection?

Don't know, but I guess it's so you can install it with different options
than the one in the base system.

> 2) Why doesn't FreeBSD 5 come with BIND 9 in the base installation 
> instead of BIND 8? Is there some problem with BIND 9 that I'm not aware 
> of?

Don't know this either...

> 3) If I install BIND 9 from the ports collection, can I uninstall BIND 
> 8 off of my system?

You shouldn't need to - the version form the ports gets installed in
/usr/local/.  All you need to do is define named_program in /etc/rc.conf,
and the system will do the right thing.  The amount of disk space you
would save by removing named and all associated libs and docs is minimal.

If you really want rid of it, you can remove it all, install the BIND9 
port, and make sure not to build BIND8 next time you do a buildworld,
by setting NO_BIND=true in /etc/make.conf.


Daniel Bye

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