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RW wrote:
On Fri, 09 Nov 2007 13:39:28 +0000
Adam J Richardson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Desmond Chapman wrote:
/usr/X11R6 exists, but it is not a symlink. Installation cannot
proceed. This looks like an incompletely removed old version of X.
In the current version, /usr/X11R6 must be a symlink if it exists
at all.Please read /usr/ports/UPDATING (entry of 20070519) for the
procedure to upgrade related ports.*** Error code 1
Hi Desmond,

When I was faced with this error I did the obvious thing and created
a symlink, then restarted the install.

Surely the *obvious* thing was to follow the instructions and read

I didn't read it that way. You're right though. I'll check out, see if it does anything I need.

From what I can see, ports used to respect the settings of X11BASE and LOCALBASE, but even though they are still supposed to do that, well, I can see from my own attempts here on my box, that they don't do that. I found a bunch of stuff that either assumed /usr/local, or got the install path by reading the pkgconfig .pc files.

LONG time back, I showed folks that it was a fairly trivial (two code lines) thing that was needed to make the X11 stuff go wherever you wanted it to go, but those two lines were in the 'imake' shell wrapper, and folks felt that the imake wrapper was holy writ for some reason, and would not let me make any changes to it. Pity.
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