I'm having difficulties getting 6.2 installed on these new Dell 'Vostro' systems.

The BIOS is a Phoenix - AwardBIOS and it reports the version as 1.0.3.

With the SATA controller set to IDE mode (default) in the BIOS booting FreeBSD will hang just before entering sysinstall, booting with ACPI disabled stops this but then no disk drives are found! I got around this by setting the SATA mode to RAID in the BIOS (this seems to make the disk appear as SCSI), then it doesn't crash with ACPI enabled (with ACPI disabled no disks are found still) and the
disk is found.

The system only has USB inputs (8 of them) and with the USB Controller set to 'High Speed' in the BIOS, the keyboard stops working once sysinstall starts (though it works in the boot menu), however setting it to 'Full/Low Speed' makes it work in sysinstall. I probably don't care about using High Speed USB devices any way, but it would be nice if they could work, but this isn't the major issue.

Now finally I can get into sysinstall and partition the disk, but the network interface is not detected. It says it is an 'Intel 82562V-2' (on board), but I see no probes about it on booting FreeBSD. Is this interface supported? Any ideas on getting it detected?

I feel the ACPI might be a problem? On booting it is reported as 'ACPI: Dell FX 09'

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