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> Some time ago I chose FreeBSD over all other *nix systems because I
> found the system better managed, easier to administrate, better
> supported and simpler to update and upgrade both the OS and the
> programs - especially through portupgrade.
> Several times I have encountered glitches in the update process; some
> I managed to figure out what the problem was, some other I just had
> to wait until the port was corrected then re-cvsup and portupgrade.
> This, on 2 similar FBSD v.4.7 installations.
> Currently I have encountered problems with updating KDE3 (because
> kdegames3 had some sort of problem - I don't have time for the games
> anyway, but this messes up the update - and the audio/arts program
> also had problems) and Openoffice 1.02.

I think you have something else that is wrong. For example, if you check 
the cvs-repository, nothing has been modified on kdegames since it was 
updated to version 3.1 6 days ago. About 18 hours ago, I cvsuped 
ports-all, rebuilt INDEX like you are supposed to do after cvsuping, 
and then ran

portupgrade -pufr qt

This rebuilt all of the ports that depend on qt-3.1.1_2 and pretty much 
includes all of kde and arts.

What version are you trying to upgrade kde from? The older versions 
basically require a package delete and fresh install. They also don't 
work with XFree86-3.3.6. You have to use version 4.x.

If a port requires to much space, then you need to use the prebuilt 


> Open office seems to be a particular case as it requires 4Gb of space
> for installation on *nix! I cannot think of another program that
> seems to be so bloated for installation. Is there an insurmountable
> problem here? I did find a port for FBSD to install the Ooo v.1.0.1
> but now to update - whammo! It seems to me that it is rare that one
> needs the huge capacity disks that seem so current - I have 1 10gb
> and 1 34Gb raid array, but they are used for different OS's and for
> storage. It is impractical to have to re-organize your entire system
> just for 1 program. :((
> If the port is faulty and is uploaded to the port site, then the
> downloaded port sits in the machine and then you have to figure out
> what went wrong. What is annoying is the enormous time it take to
> reinstall stuff like KDE3 and Open office only to find that the
> installation has failed and sometimes the old installarion is screwed
> up... Fortunately, I have not committed to using FBSD and the *nix
> program exclusively as, so far, I have found that there are still
> nasty kinks in the gears that take away too much time from creative
> productivity for maintenance
> Can someone explain the best way to deal with the updating process?
> How to minimize updating problems?
> Thanks in advance,
> PJ
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Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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