i know, slightly off topic, but is *on* a freebsd server... right?

my smtp is the only remaining part of my email system, that has no encryption 
options, and i think i would like to add tls (even tho i rarely send smtp 
mail from outside my lan).  my setup is right now, fairly basic (only 
includes spamassassin, sasl2, and procmail).  even tho i dont much about it, 
i say tls instead of ssl, as i have a few outlook clients, that would surely 
annoy me 'do you really want to use this certificate', and it would surely be 
each time i sent a mail.  im also assuming that hopefully tls might not do 

before i spend hours and hours googling out my instructions on how to so do, 
does the tls session operate over the standard port 25, or is this what is 
referred to as the smtps port?  and if so, can the server accept either 
version over the same port?

Jonathan Horne
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