Dan Nelson wrote:
In the last episode (Nov 10), Chuck Robey said:
I have spent all the time I can stand, going over the ps man page, but I can't see any option to get a hierarchical listing. I mean, where the listings are sorted to where parents come before children, and the children get indentation, so you can see at a glance what's running more easily. It's a standard thing on many OSes, and I was sorta hoping it'd be available on FreeBSD. Maybe under a different name?

It's usually a separate command (ptree on Solaris for example).  Try
the sysutils/pstree port.

I've gotten a lot of replies, so I thought to give a blanket "Thank you" because pstree is just what I wanted. You might actually be as suprised as I was when I found that both Solaris and Linux both of them (and some others, but I forget which ones) do happen to have an option to ps itself, tha gives the same as a pstree listing, which is why I asked about options. Doesn't matter, I'm quite pleased now, so again: Thanks!
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