Si Thu wrote:
Hi Andy,

Thanks for your answer.
No problem, but please remember to include the list in any replies unless the person you're talking with spefically asks to take the conversation off-list. This will ensure that you get the widest possible audience for your questions, and generally, the best possible answers as well. Also, please remember to bottom-post your replies, since it makes the conversation easier to read for people joining in the middle.

Again let me have one more question, I cannot encode the .wmv to .flv. It
seems ffmpeg of port is outdated, but I downladed the port from the

If you want the newer versions of software from the ports tree, don't limit your results by the tag. Basically, you're saying (IIRC) "I want the version of the port that was included with this release" instead of "I want the most recent version of this port." the release versions of the ports will only be updated for bug fixes, etc. Not new features. I'd suggest that you just use portsnap to update your local ports tree and go from there. If you've never used portsnap before, do the following

portsnap fetch extract

If you have already done the extract step above, then use this

portsnap fetch update

from now on. Every time you run this command, your ports tree is updated with the latest software. As long as you aren't on a really ancient release, software from the ports tree will ALMOST always compile and install fine. After your ports tree is updated, just

cd /usr/ports/multimedia/ffmpeg
make deinstall    <- to remove the older version
make install clean   <-to install the new version

Now you should have the latest version and all it's capabilities. I don't know specifically if this will solve your wmv -> flv problem, but if not, you will be at a better place to ask questions. You would probably want to ask your questions about specific software at the developer's forums or mailing lists though, since this list is supposed to be mainly for questions about freebsd itself. Good Luck!
Does it not update?


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Si Thu wrote:
Dear freeBSD,

I am running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE on my staging server and having one
about FFmpeg.

I have read a lot of documentation and google on the web to get the
for how to customize installation for ffmpeg utility. Normally, freeBSD
provides s lot of packages and ports that can be covered the average
On my server, I have installed ffmpeg from the provided port with the
command "make install clean". After installation, I am able to encode the
input files from some location of server such "usr/local/bin" and cannot
implement with PHP(I used exec() command). FFmpeg-php is a object oriented
API for PHP and ffmpeg implementation. I was not able to install that API

And there are some other configuration such "--enable-shared --enable-gpl"
and other libraries they can use in ffmpeg by configuration with
command. But I was not able to find how to configure before install
If you would be able to give me a solution that would be great. I will
really appreciate.

Don't know about ffmpeg-php or anything, as I've never used them. However, you could do a few different things to change the configure arguments. You could just edit the Makefile in the port's directory, or you could define some make variables either through /etc/make.conf or by defining them on the command line like


which will do the same thing as configure --enable-swscaler. Look through the Makefile for the defaults (both switches you mentioned are on by default in my ports tree) and all availible switches. Make syntax is simple enough, so you should be able to figure it out without much trouble. Also, you might want to run make configure instead of make install or even just make, since that will run the configure script and then stop, so you can look over the output and adjust as necessary before continuing the build.
Looking forward to get an answer

kind regards,


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