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I posed a similar question on this list a short time ago.  Right
now, the only 'Flash' working on either Linux or native is Flash 7,
which does not work on many sites.  To get Flash 9, you need to use
wine under freebsd and install the windows version of Firefox.  I
have been told that this solution works fine "out of the box" on
FreeBSD 6.2 but I have not yet confirmed.
Works right out of the box for all versions of FreeBSD > 6.... I just
did it on a 8-Current machine doing the following port installs in
this order:


after you install acroread run "nspluginwrapper -v -a -i".

So did I. When I run firefox then, I get an error message as follows:

freebsdangel# firefox
LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library
/usr/local/lib/browser_plugins/ [Shared object
"" not found, required by ""]

But the library is existing:

freebsdangel# find / -name

And even adjusting the path does not help:

freebsdangel# setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/compat/linux/lib"

The result is the same:

So basically the question is:
How can I tell FreeBSD where to find the requested lib??

Did you do it from packages or ports?

From ports

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