On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 05:45:42PM +0000, Tino Engel wrote:
> Dear all,
> Any help concerning the topic as follws would be very appreciated.
> freebsdangel# uname -a
> FreeBSD freebsdangel.de 7.0-BETA2 FreeBSD 7.0-BETA2 #0: Sat Nov 10 20:15:45 
> UTC 2007     [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386
> freebsdangel#
> It seems that this browser-plugin stuff is neverending.
> All native freebsd browsers refuse to use plugins at all.
> The linux versions of opera and and firefox correctly recognize the 
> linux-flashplugin7.
> But the java-plugin is not recognized although having been linked correctly 
> from diablo portsinstall.

You can't use native diablo jdk/jre with linux browsers. Try

> Another related issue: linux-flashplugin9 always segfaults the browser when 
> used. I dunno what to do, I would relly like to be able to watch latest 
> flash movies.

This dead body is beaten every other day. Personally, I download
flash movies and watch them with mplayer. Other solutions include
dedicating your life to petitioning Adobe to stop making money
and start porting their software to FreeBSD; and switching to
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