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> I assume konqueror is chocking because you have font previews enabled. 
> If you deselect "Font Files" in konquerors View > Preview submenu, 
> prior to entering your font directory, you should be able to use 
> konqueror. As I said before, it's a piece of cake to do it this way.

        We evidently have our browsers configured differently 
        because I didn't find anything-fonts under View.  And all 
        I find under Settings -> "Configure Konqueror" -> "TT\nFonts"
        didn't seem to  apply... .
> If you want to do it as per the handbook, you'd have to copy your font 
> files to an appropriate directory, which could look something like 
> this:
> # cp /media/cdrom/1/*.ttf /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType

        Yes, this CLI command did work. It's the same as I used on my
        Ubuntu server. For FBSD I had to use another command to
        correctly build the truetype font files for X.  But works.

        Thanks for your help!

> I'm not sure if I understood you question correctly, but either the man 
> page for cp(1) might help or you ask again here.

        I have a slew of Postscript files that I ported for use with the
        free version of the Enscript port, but these should work almost
        the same way.



> Have a nice time.
> michael

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