I got two very good responces to a question I asked here even though I didn't really know what I wanted so. I will atempt to be more specific I am trying to setup bsd on an old machine .aptiva IBM from 1995 32megs of ram 133 mghtz proccessor 1.5gig maxtor hd.
I have been running linux mandrake as a stand alone system for four years and in the last year I have tried several others mostly linux, however I want to try learning different ones. I want to be able to set them up to do the things a user wants to do.
So far I have not been able to get freebsd to play a game surf the net or any other aplication what so ever. I am not descouraged I have gotten windowmaker to come up at least. I don't care what destop; gnome ,kde, windowmaker,icewm,fwm,afterstep, I end up useing I just want to be able to learn to have it read my jvc digital video camera stills and do email and surf the web.inter chat rooms and the like . If there are freebsd aplications that are easier for someone like me to set up and run I need to know what step to take to get bsd running the best way possible. well on my free time that is how do i get it to dial up iv read the pppdeamon thing and can't sortit out from the ethernet networking which I know is simalar but I have no intreat in hitching the machines together i just want to get the modem to dail up the internet.

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