I have a question about Postfix and
Sendmail and exim are mentioned in the
file and I assume that Sendmail would
refer to Postfix sendmail as well as Sendmail.
But Since Postfix runs smtp.d, how would I
do Postfix in hosts.allow?

I also have a question about how postfix
would resolve names outside of the local
domain, Does it use resolve.conf, hosts.equiv,
nsswitch or does it need a local name server.
I set it up and tried sending a test message
from that host the the prodigy.net address (of
this message) and it just seems to have disappeared.
I was successful sending a message on internal network
link from another machine. I was not successful sending
a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED] from another machine
(This address would have had to have been resolved
by my name servers, whether it went all the way out to
the isp's system and beyond, and then back, or just from
one static ip address to the other, courtesy of my adsl router ).

I did turn smtp 'on' in inetd.conf.

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