Hi all,

I just bought an Inspiron 1721 b/c I had a ridiculous deal.

CPU:    AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-64 (2.2GHz/1MB)
RAM:    4GB pc25300 sodimm (2x2GB) (upgraded manually)
Screen: 17.0 wide screen (1920x1200)
VGA:    ATI RADEON Xpress1270 256MB HyperMemory
HD:     320G (2x 160) 5400RPM SATA  UDMA33
RAID:   ATI [fast track(tm)]
Sound:  Integrated High Definition Audio 2.0
        (additional Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Audio Express yet to try)

1) Doesn't look like this video card is supported.  Is there one I can
   buy and replace it with thats known to work preferably at 1920x1200
   or as close as I can get to it.

2) The RAID card doesn't work, I called dell directly (via my rep)
   they can't tell me anything more specific about that card *sigh*

   disabling the RAID card via 'Cntrl-F' in the Fasttrack utility
   and in the BIOS 'F2' to Auto Detect works around this

   I suppose I'll take it apart soon and look at the raid card itself.

I'm trying this with FreeBSD 8-CURRENT as of today, both GENERIC and a
custom KERNEL.

Detailed System Information is here:

Philip M. Gollucci ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Senior System Admin - Riderway, Inc.
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