I have some problems with 4.7. These are problems that only
occured on 4.6.2 and later. It cant see outside my ISP's network.
But other people can access the box from outside the network. It
cant see the DHCP servers, and when I try to add them to resolv.conf
the box just freezes on startup and nothing can connect to it. I added
all the ips correctly, and when I can get the it to search for a dhcp
server it comes back with "Address Family is not supported by the
Protocal Family."

I tried to disable IPv6, but inet6 is still in all the interfaces. I try to readd
them by destroying them first, and it just says invalid argument.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

Jason Cave

Had to use hotmail, kept getting hostname errors on my isp and personal mail servers.

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