At 12:07 PM 11/14/2007, ann kok wrote:
Hi all

I don't have idea how to write this script, please

I have thousand records in this format indexed by

FileNo:    001
Name:      NameA
Address1:  AddressA1
Address2:  AddressA2
Phone:     PhoneA
Created by

I need to write a script to replace those Fields
eg: (NameA AddressA1.... if it matchs the
to get Data in this file

FileNo:001    Name A     AddressA1    AddressA2
FileNo:002    Name B     AddressB1    AddressB2
FileNo:003    Name C     AddressC1    AddressC2

Thank you for your help

Do you have any restrictions with regards to language?

There are a few things that come to mind; if this is absolutely indexed how you stated, with no problems of extra blank lines etc existing, you could use line to read in the lines one at a time, use a simple grep/case statement to check whether the initial field conforms to a specific string, and assign each string to a variable. After six read ins, you have all the information you need and you ouput them however you want.


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