Citeren "Justin P. Michel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Greetings,
> Thanks to all who replied regarding installing the
> Sendmail/Procmail/SpamAssassin combination!  It appears to be working
> very
> well, and is marking spam nicely.
> Now, I'd like to take it to another step.  Instead of delivering
> the
> messages that get marked as spam, is there a way to move them to a
> special
> mailbox/area/holding bin of some kind?  I'd like the server to do
> it
> automatically so that the clients won't get any spam at all.
> I realize this isn't necessarily a FreeBSD only question, but I'm
> sure that
> others here have already done what I question.
If i'm right you now got procmail running. You can use this to also setup a forward 

This is might not be perfect, but i *think* it will work.

* < 200000
* ^Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]$
| spamc (I use spamc and spamd, since a day, for the claimed performace)

* ^X-spam: YES$ (The string might be a little different)
| sendmail spam-box

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