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On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 09:26:38AM -0800, David Newman wrote:

On 11/12/07 8:14 AM, Jerry McAllister wrote:

> An update: After doing what you suggest (leaving in the "good" disk,
> adding a new disk, RAID rebuilding) I still got soft write errors --
> with *either one* of the disks I tried.
> > Then I tried putting both disks in an identical server and they came up
> fine, no read or write errors.
> > Ergo, the bad RAID controller is bad and the disks may be OK. > >> Probably not.
>> Generally, if the RAID controller is bad, you will see errors
>> all over and not it just one place, tho I suppose it is possible.
>> Check and see what it reports as error locations and see if they
>> move around any.

Jerry, thanks for your response.

After 36 hours of running the same disks in a different, identical
machine there hasn't been a single read or write error. I'm hardly a
storage expert but from the evidence I have I'm inclined to believe the
root cause was a bad RAID controller and not failed disks.

That is not much proof. The different machine would probably be accessing the disks in
a different way, either slightly different positioning or using
different space.   Also, 36 hours is not really much time.

Dn, I have had a Promise controller that was bad. I kept getting errors
at one specific location on two disks out of three on a RAID 5. The
system continued to operate. When I finally spent the time to nail it
down to the controller I found the Promise people more than anxious to
get the beast for a postmortem. It had been bad for me from day one. It
would take about a week to a month for the problem to appear. After the
6th disk showing the problem at the same block number the coin dropped
in my sometimes overly slow mind.

{^_-}    Joanne
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