On 2003-02-04 10:03, Dan Delaney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello all. I have a few questions about BIND on FreeBSD.
> 1) Since BIND 8 comes in the base installation of FreeBSD (4.8 and 5),
> why is there a BIND 8 port in the ports collection?

For anyone else who needs the latest BIND version, but not necessarily
FreeBSD 4-STABLE :-)

Remember that the ports tree is not branched.  The same ports that
work on 4.0, work on 4.1, etc.

> 2) Why doesn't FreeBSD 5 come with BIND 9 in the base installation
> instead of BIND 8? Is there some problem with BIND 9 that I'm not
> aware of?

This has been asked before.  IIRC, it was Doug Barton who posted a
link to a page that explains it all.  Dig the archives for it.  It
shouldn't be hard to locate.

> 3) If I install BIND 9 from the ports collection, can I uninstall BIND
> 8 off of my system?

Yes.  Then you should also set NO_BIND=yes in your /etc/make.conf to
avoid having BIND rebuilt & installed as part of your next upgrades.

- Giorgos

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