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I'm sure this is easy, and I am making it harder than it is.

I am being supplied a list of files, and need to create the files and
directories to hold them, but I cannot figure out how to take the string

For example, I am given


I need to create the /usr/local/scripts directory and then create

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

There is always more than one way to skin a cat. :)

Perhaps you will like mine.

DIR=`dirname $path`
FILE=`basename $path`
/bin/mkdir -p $DIR
touch $FILE

You can put this in a loop with path as loop variable.

Best of luck!

A better way would be to quote the string variables, i.e.:

DIR=`/usr/bin/dirname "$path"`
FILE=`/usr/bin/basename "$path"`
/bin/mkdir -p "$DIR"
touch "$FILE"

Otherwise dirname and basename will choke on non-escaped characters (i.e. spaces), mkdir/touch will make funky directories / files, respectively.

Just watch out for '$' chars in $path...

Welcome to the wonderful world of [in]secure shell scripting :).

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