On Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 03:45:28PM -0700, James wrote:
> Hi folks,
> first, I know the subject line is a goldmine for jokes, but I couldn't
> think of a better way to phrase it.
> Ever since I moved to FreeBSD 7.0, the evolution mail client has become
> ridiculously slow for me. It takes two or three minutes to start up,
> right clicking on a folder takes several minutes to display a context
> menu etc
> My install process was as follows:
> 1. backup my home directory from a FreeBSD 6.2 install
> 2. Format the hard drive
> 3. Install 7.0 beta 1.5
> 4. csup sources and install beta 2.0
> 5. pkg_add xorg, gnome etc -- evolution was slow as a dog from this
> 6. portsnap fetch extract
> 7. follow the instructions in UPDATING for updating gnome
> I tried cd /usr/ports/mail/evolution && make deinstall && make
> reinstall, to see if something had simply gone wrong during the build,
> but nothing changed.
> Any ideas?

An random idea:  What scheduler are you using in your kernel
configuration?  Do you already use  SCHED_ULE  ?

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