Ivan Voras wrote:
Bruce Cran wrote:
Wojciech Puchar wrote:
Laszlo wrote:
Hi All,

Is there a way (sysctl?) to tell FreeBSD (6.2 RELEASE) how many
memory can it use for caching file data from disk?

It might be that FreeBSD will use all available RAM, and reduce the
it already does
It may seem strange since it's generally accepted that you can never
have enough disk cache, but FreeBSD apparently doesn't actually use all
the free memory for caching.  By default it uses up to 256MB for

This is wrong. See
I read this too but I don't understand. Too difficult for me.

So what is the answer? Do I need to set a sysctl or will FreeBSD use all available free memory for caching file data from disk?



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