On Sun, 18 Nov 2007, leegold wrote:

I'm trying to figure out DVD playback. I have 6.2 w/KDE-lite. I can play
audio CD's on the DVD. I have installed and want to use VLC.


Thanks, The end result I want is to be able to play movies.

I can't answer all your specific questions, but all I had to do to play movies was this:

1. Install vlc, which you've done;
2. As root, mount the dvd;
3. As ordinary user, run vlc like
  vlc dvd:///dev/acd1

My ordinary user has write access and group ownership on the DVD drive device file, but I don't know if that is necessary. Also I have those sysctls set like so:
 kern.ipc.shmmax: 33554432
 kern.ipc.shmall: 8192

...again, I'm not sure how necessary that is.


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