sweetleaf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hmm, so qmail does not handle large attachments well?

I didn't say that.

qmail does send a copy of the mail to every receiver while postfix
does a (limited) kind of grouping receivers based on the destination
domain. This may perform better when

a) you or the receiver has bad connectivity
b) attachments are large (we had typically 30MB or more)
c) the sender is so kind to address several people at the receiving
   domain (sending to ten people instead one)

In this scenario qmail sends 300MB (for ten people) while postfix
*may* reduce this to 30MB one time by grouping the receivers.

This is a rare situation for ISPs but more common at some type of

In any case sending such large attachments is stupid (wrong service
selection) and addressing several people is additionally stupid. But
that's life - it's not easy to change peoples behaviour.

Regards, Frank

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