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> Hi,
> I have a project where I should set-up a mail server for approximately
> 12000 users, 4000 virtual domains, 15000 messages per day, 700 MB
> traffic per day.

15000 messages is completely unrealistic for 12000 users unless this
mailserver has no way to receive Internet mail.  Try a number more
along the lines of 1.2 million messages a day, most of which are
spam that you will delete before they get to the users mailbox.

> The machine should run Postfix, courrier-imap and a web mail (probably
> squirel), Apache 2, spamassassin, clamav, greylist

Totally inappropriate and will not work.  Your going to be lucky to
get it to run with just the stuff that HAS to be on it.  That is,
the MTA itself and the anti-spam scanning and the POP/IMAP server.
Putting webmail on it will drown it.  You will need a second box
for that.  Most likely you really need a cluster of at least 4 servers
here.  2 input filters that spam scan and virus scan and just send
the filtered mail to the 3rd server which does pop/imap and outbound
mail, and a 4th that just does webmail.

If your looking at squirrel it's pretty clear to me that you do not
have experience with large busy mailservers.  Not that squirrel and
postfix and courier couldn't do it - rather that they are chosen by
inexperienced people because they are perceived to be easy to use.
If that is the case your in over your head.  Get some help before
you botch it.

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