Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 15:13, Tom Parquette wrote:

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 16:28, Tom Parquette wrote:

I had a problem 3 weeks ago where my Gnome2 desktop disappeared and took email and most of my stuff with it. I have finished rebuilding and I'm back on the air.

Below is the email I tried to send to the questions list to see if someone could help me. It was thrown back at me. I guess something thought I was spam.

Anyway, I would like to see if anybody has any ideas on what might have caused this.
The configuration is NOT running on any machine but I was able to tar the filesystems and ftp them to my wife's window$ machine before I was forced to reinstall.

Has anybody seen anything like this?
Even though an answer would not help at this point, if there is something I did that could cause the problem again, I'll call this a learning experience and not do it again.
TIA for any help.

Here is the email that was refused by freebsd-questions:
I was working with my machine and the last reboot caused my Gnome2 desktop to "disappear". By disappear, I'm talking about: The Home icon is gone. The trash icon is gone. The start here icon is gone. The wallpaper used to be brushed metal (the default wallpaper)now is is a blue/green solid color. Poking around, I believe the winddow manager was changed to Enlightenment from Sawfish (I changed it back with no change in results.)

When I try to start Mozilla from an icon it does not start. If I open an xterm winddow, I get "No running window found." then the command prompt returns. Some applications, e.g. xosview, gaim, appear to work correctly. The screensaver seems to work correctly. If I signon with a different user ID, the results are almost the same except the logoff pulldown does not log you off. I'm also running GDM2.

This is a 4.7-STABLE system that was last updated about 2 weeks ago.

The only known changes/factors are:
I had the Gnome system monitor running. It was answering pulldown list and buttons so slowly, I had to CNTL-ALT-BACKSPACE to get out of it. (I ended up with nothing moving at all.)
I installed healthd, which complained about IPv6 not being there.
I added IPv6 support and rebooted.
It was after the reboot for IPv6 that I noticed the problem.

ANY help would be more than welcome.

Try creating a fresh user called gnome, make sure your hostname resolves
in either DNS or /etc/hosts, then try logging in as the gnome user. If
things fail, get the ~/.xsession-errors file. This will hopefully have
some useful stuff in it. Also, it would help to see a list of what's
currently installed on this machine.



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I looked at ~/.xsession-errors and this was all that was in it:
If you do not want to get beeps in X11 (XWindows), you can turn them off with
xset b off

Reminder, I could not do anything with the machine. I had to back it up, burn it down, and reinstall EVERYTHING. I have the backups but I do not have a machine I can lay the backups down on to test.

I'm not expecting to get too far with this problem but, I feel, I have to at least try.

So did you try to create a new user called gnome, and attempt the
login? So far, based on this information, there's not much I can do to
help you.



No. I could not recreate the problem because I do not have a machine to lay the filesystem backups down on to test. The best I was hoping for was someone might have seen the symptoms and knew what was going on. I'm going to drop this problem. I want to thank you for taking the time to try to help. I appreciate your efforts.

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