Wojciech Puchar wrote:
pushing aqnd releasing the power button, so the OS shuts down using ACPI). This happens every time. No matter what window manager I use. But it only happens when I use xdm. If I start X with startx, it shuts down cleanly and returns to the tty from which I ran startx.

how you start xdm?

from ttys or manually? strange - anyway

I've started it from ttys a few times, but I gave up after a few days. Since then I've tried starting it manually (both with and without the -nodaemon option) every time I've upgraded something related to either the system or X. Last time a few hours ago, just before I wrote my original mail about this, after upgrading xorg-server from 1.4_2,1 to 1.4_3,1.



Rolf Nielsen
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