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In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Brent Kearney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> What if this system were an all-IDE system? I was planning to update
> one soon, and will no doubt run into this problem. The root
> filesystem device node will change names, and according to this
> thread:

No, devices *may* change names. They don't have to. The article you
quoted changed names drastically because he wasn't using the onboard
IDE controller, but had all his drives on the Promise card (would you
verify that for me, Oscar)? One solution to the question asked in that
message is to disable the IDE on the motherboard so that the Promise
controller becomes ata0, and the first drive on it becomes ad0. That
also frees up a couple of IRQs, and may be worth doing in any
case. It's probably better to try changing /boot/loader.conf to set
root_disk_unit to solve the problem, though.

Welllll ... yes and no. I wasn't putting the drive on the first and second IDE controllers. The motherboard had two additional IDE controllers, Promise ATA66, on it.

On some BIOS, you can direct the machine to look at slot devices before onboard devices, that might help your situation.

Not that it's any kind of solution, but in the end, while attempting to do another install on the system, I accepted the default sizes for the filesystems and it worked. Creating a / filesystem of 128MB ... and from there it booted fine.


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