> > > Hi All,> i have milter sender installed on FreeBSD with sendmail, but i 
> > > want to> uninstall it, i tried to search the internet about this but i 
> > > did not> file any thing> i tried to disable configuration from .mc file 
> > > and then make & make> install under /etc/mail but it gave me "unknown 
> > > configuration line in> sendmail.cf" i tried many things but the same> 
> > > please i want to know if there is a step by step procedure to remove> 
> > > milter sender from my system> thanks> > --> > Regards,> 
> > > ******************************
Methinks you should be directing this question to developer Anthony at 
The package will not show up in pkg_info or portversion.
What do you mean "tried to disable" in the sendmail .mc?
Usually there are 2 lines: the INPUT_MAIL_FILTER line
and the other is the "define(confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS"
Also, did you stop the milter?
Do a "locate milter-sender" and remove the files.
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